Since May 2012


Durham, NC

I enjoy teaching at various events outside of my regular Zumba/ Zumba Toning classes.  I teach Zumbathons and fitness parties either with large groups or as private functions.  Please see below for more details and contact me to inquire about hosting a private Zumba party.  They are so much fun!!!


Zumba Parties

I am available to host Zumba parties for groups from 5 - 30 people.  Come learn a little bit about the history of Zumba.  Then be prepared to sweat as we learn common moves to the four basic Zumba rhythms and finally participate in a mini Zumba class to top off the event.  After this fun, no-stress party you will feel prepared to join any Zumba class!  Parties can be customized for your group.  This is a great format for school groups, work parties and girls' night outs!
This was a Zumba party I hosted that was organized by a university group.

"Thank you so much for teaching our class last night, we all had SO MUCH FUN!  We really liked the format of the class and all the song choices!" --Group organizer

This pre-teen Zumba party was a lot of fun!  These girls really brought the energy!!!

"Robyn is amazing.  She was able to engage 15 pre-teen girls in a fun intro Zumba lesson.  They all loved it!" - Party organizer